New for 2016 studio Hire – Profoto and Broncolor Lighting added plus much more….

Dec 29, 2015

Throughout 2015, we have slowly been replacing the Bowens lights with a state of the art Profoto and Broncolor lighting system. As commercial photographers, we understand the need for consistent colour temperature and short flash duration. Our new Profoto and Broncolor lighting is unparalleled in these two area’s. The upgrade throughout the studio has costs ££££’s but we believe the quality of the light and ease of use is worth every penny and we know you will too!

We now have 2 x Profoto Acute D4 packs and 2 x Pro 7a’s included in the standard hire price. These are coupled with pro/acute heads and the widest range of genuine Profoto light modifiers including, a beauty dish, soft boxes, 6ft wafers, snoot, tele-zoom and a gigantic Broncolor 1.33m parabolic umbrella. All lights are on wheelie stands or electronic overhead gantries making it even easier to switch from set to set in a single session.

For those who specialise in product photography we have added a Broncolor Hazylight complete with grid, giraffe stand and 3200J Broncolor pack.

In 2015 there were many music videos shot in the studio. Our two 8ft, quad bank, Kinoflow tungsten balanced lights are also included as standard in the normal studio hire rates.

We have also had a change round with the sets and props. Due to demand, some of the old props have been replaced. Why not try out our new pommel horse or chesterfield chair to name but a few. Our room sets and props are continually changing, so if you need a specific prop for a shoot please call us before booking to check to our current list.

Whilst we have done our best to absorb our cost increases from our suppliers, we have had to increase our hourly rental charges slightly. However, the new studio facilities, with the addition of the new upgraded lighting and all inclusive rental charges mean we still offer some of the very best facilities in the UK.

So far we have had an unseasonably mild winter. Typical…..gone are the noisy gas bottle and flame thrower heaters from studio one. We now have a super duper thermostatically controlled warm air smart heater installed to keep us warm should the snow finally arrive…..

Love coffee……so do we. The flavia Coffee machine is now on eBay and has been replaced by a top of the range touch screen, bean to cup machine so you can enjoy a cappuccino, macchiato, late or espresso on your shoot….

Finally, thanks to all of our wonderful customers in 2015. We look forward to welcoming you and your clients back in 2016..

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