Life saving Jewellery with a lot more than just bling! Milton Keynes studio hire for TV production.

Mar 01, 2016

behind the scene from Medic Alert studio hire

We are lucky to see so many amazing people come through the doors for our studio hire.

Our Milton Keynes Photography studio was hired by the lovely Medic Alert team. From first thing in the morning until late afternoon, they set up camp in our reception area and served up a yummy buffe’ of sandwiches, cakes and random goodies. From there they welcomed a continuous stream of their members that had come to star in a TV documentary that was being filmed in the studio.

MedicAlert is a global charity that provides medical ID jewellery for people with hidden medical conditions or allergies. Situated on the pulse points, it displays the international medical symbol to quickly identify your condition and speed up treatment in an emergency. Because every moment matters.

As a charity with a history having helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years they still need to raise awareness of the work they do. The TV program to be shown on the BBC and on SKY, featured interviews with a number of their members all telling their own engaging personal story.

We are looking forward to seeing the results when the program airs later this year. Some remarkable life situations narrates this piece. One lady told the crew about her acute allergy to Thunder storms and another explained how the Medic Alert system had saved their lives and gave them confidence in their daily routine.

What ties them all together is their dependency on their jewellery that will communicate the conditions they suffer from to the world, if they were unable to do so.

What a wonderful charity. We felt privileged to be able to listen to their members stories and get a chance to capture their day as celebrities.

Our Creative Director was on hand documenting the day with informal behind the scenes photos of the team in action at our Buckinghamshire photography studio. A few of which you can see here!

behind the scene image from medic alert studio hire  behind the scenes images from Medic alert studio hire  behind the scenes image from Medic Alert studio hire  medicalert brecelet