Our Commercial Photographers Have Been Busy

Aug 30, 2015

Professional product photography - Fashion shoot girl in dressThis week our photography studio in Milton Keynes was filled with the latest range of gorgeous dresses available from Jora Collections.

During this two-day shoot, our fashion photographers were challenged to fulfil our client’s detailed production brief which outlined all the crucial criteria that helps us to realise their creative vision.

Commercial photography often needs to reflect the values of our clients’ Brands so it dovetails with their previously published marketing materials. A design brief is always useful – to have a clear and detailed objective to work to, often helps our photographers conclude shoots faster and this leads to lower production costs.

If you’re about to order pack shots, product images or any other type of advertising photography, we recommend that you spend a little time to carefully plan out your shoot beforehand and give though to the types of shots you’re going to need.

Customers of Uniquecapture are often invited to come and tour our facilities in Milton Keynes, during which we can help them to think about some of the details and even offer some creative suggestions.

In the case of Jora Collections’ The dresses needed to appear as if they’d been shot on a catwalk setting and this presented some technical challenges for our studio technicians because even though the images needed to be extremely well lit to capture the exquisite detail of the embroidered garments.

To overcome this, we used our professional quality Profoto Lighting and shot with our outstanding Phase One medium format camera

Jora Collections have a beautiful range of elegant dresses for all occasions. To view them, please visit their website at http://www.joracollections.com/