Product Photography For Buckinghamshire Agencies

Sep 13, 2015


The scope of different market sectors that our customers operate in is perhaps matched only by the variety of different media that our commercial and advertising photography is eventually displayed on.

advertising photography shot for a web design agency in milton keynesTo those who work in marketing, it will come as no surprise to learn that we’re often called upon by web design or advertising agencies, who require suitable images for their client’s work that they have been unable to source from stock image libraries. Naturally this is far from bad news for we product photographers. Creating images for advertising agencies is bread and butter work for a busy photography studio like ours.

One such visit we received recently was from Jon of Arena DM, a local website design agency here in Milton Keynes. Jon brought along his client Evacu8 because he needed some images to use on his client’s new website promoting the various evacuation aids and evacuation training services that they offer.

As it turned out, this was one of only three product photography shoots that Jon has needed to arranged and so he was delighted to allow our photographer to assume the role of the director during the shoot. Jon asked for our opinion on technical aspects of the shoot and we helped him to make important decisions about product positioning and the angle and the composition of the shots. Our input was clear appreciated as you can see, we received this short note from Jon a few days later.

professional photographer

Hi Chris, I wanted to express a particular thanks for all your help in the studio last week. As you know, as just a small agency I don’t often arrange shoots. The reason I choose Uniquecapture, was because after meeting with you I thought you had the right experience in your field and the patience to take me through it, step by step.  I learned so much from this shoot and my client is delighted with thier new website. Now having found you, I will certainly feel more confident about taking on projects like this in the future.

We’re pleased to have helped Jon but Such comments from our customers are not uncommon because Uniquecapture, going the extra mile for our commercial photography customers, is all just part of the service.