OMG…Painting the Infinity Cove Blue for a VW video shoot…..

Feb 14, 2017

Last Month we had a call from VW’s marketing agency. “Could you paint your photography studio blue for a video production?”

Two days later we had been supplied with the exact shade of blue required, so off we went to B@Q to find enough tins of a matt emulsion paint in the right colour. That turned out to be the easy part. The first coat took ages to go on and looked incredibly dark in comparison to the sample swatch provided by the clients. At this point we were getting a bit worried. However, as the paint dried it got lighter and lighter. It was a bit streaky but thankfully the shade was spot on. The second coat was much quicker and evened out the walls to produce a lovely smooth light blue cyc.

The video production team arrived 2 hours before the clients to enable them to get the lighting set up. At this point the hired sofa was also put into the set and the sound levels were checked.


The team from VW arrived and were rushed into makeup. It was quite entertaining watching men have their first makeup experience!

Withe the first few takes in the bag and everything going smoothly there was time to enjoy a buffet lunch in the green room before recording the afternoons footage.

We have always had natural light in the studio. It makes it a much more enjoyable workplace on a daily basis. However, for video shoots it was becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the changing light conditions from outside creating into the studio. We installed a blackout system in the summer. With the pull of a rope we can now change the studio from daylight to blackout. It was a great investment and meant that the lighting for the VW shoot was 100% within our control.

Shoot over…Everybody happy…… The cove was being painted back to white in the morning for an e-commerce SS17 fashion collection shoot. We couldn’t resit a quick shoot in the blue cove so asked a dancer to pop in for a few leaps. We just wish we had time to enjoy the blue cove for a little longer…..


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We are looking forward to the next exciting project in the studio



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